As the Monarch’s heir, Kali is devoted to her floating kingdom of Ashra, even when doing her duty involves entering an arranged marriage. But on the night of her engagement ceremony, Kali overhears a disturbing conversation, suggesting that the history of Ashra, as recorded in the official annals, might be fabricated. What’s more, some of the citizens may have discovered the truth, and the possibility of a rebellion looms. Kali is desperate to alert her father, but before she can find him, she rescues her fiancé from falling off the edge—and falls to earth herself.

Mysteriously, Kali isn’t killed by the fall. She meets a young monster hunter, Griffin, who agrees to help her find her way back to Ashra. Despite her inexperience, Kali surprises herself, and Griffin, with her determination and bravery against the dangers on the earth’s surface. Along the journey, Kali meets more human survivors, learns the true violent history of Ashra and becomes even more determined to return home and set things right.